Friday, May 30, 2014

May 29, 2014 Mein Ankunft: My Arrival

Guten Tag!

Hello! I am blogging my first message from Dresden, Germany! My flight was very long, but I was happy to make it to Germany safely! It was already a warm welcome from Germany when I first got on the plane in Chicago. The pilot gave all the announcements in German and English. What an experience from the start! I sat next to a woman who comes from Slovenia. She did not speak any English and she knew very little German. Overall it was a neat experience on the plane to see the gathering of so many cultures and people from various walks of life.
When I arrived, I took a shuttle from the plane to the airport terminal. Then I went through customs which only took 45 seconds. The longest wait was my luggage. Waiting for my luggage took about 15 minutes, but it did most certainly come. Afterwards I had an opportunity to exchange my money for Euros and then take a taxi speedily through the streets of Berlin to the Hauptbahnhof--"main train station". Finding my train was very easy! I took another 2 1/2 train ride to Dresden. I had finally arrived! Next I found Herr Salzmann(my host), his daughter Matilda, and her friend. Was that all? NO! I was given a quick tour of Dresden and I visited die Frauenkirche! It was very beautiful to see!! It is fully redone since it was heavily damaged during the Second World War-- no thanks to the Amercians and British. The family was very nice! We spoke German from the start and they even were impressed with how much I already knew and could say. Thank you Frau Krause and Professor Hahm.
Yesterday was Father's Day! We visited a family friend of the Salzmanns right outside of Dresden! It was really nice to visit with them and see what their German house looks like! They are still make more renovations but it looks wonderful already!
Well, I will continue to inform you on my travels! God has blessed me well with a wonderful German family to stay with and I pray for nothing but the best for my family, my beloved, and my other friends in America. Until we meet again!

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  1. Thanks for posting Phil. We are looking forward to reading about more adventures.