Monday, June 2, 2014

30-31. Mai

Wilkommen zu Dresden!
Welcome to Dresden!

It was a crazy weekend here in Dresden! What would an exciting weekend in Dresden be without a long bike ride? I have discovered that it is an exciting past time to ride around Dresden, along the Elbe, with a bike(Fahrrad). I would have taken pictures along the way, but I sadly did not bring my camera along.

In the following weeks that I have been privileged to be in Dresden, I will make sure to take at least a few photos of my journey here.

Saturday was the birthday of Herr Salzmann. We celebrated with music, cards, cake, and presents. It reminded me of birthdays in America. As a family, we gathered together for a devotion and prayer in the morning after breakfast. After we had celebrated, Herr Salzmann and I played the Bach Double Concerto on the violin. It is such a joy to play on the violin again- especially in Germany! What would make a birthday complete? A bike ride! This bike ride was to IKEA! IKEA is a Swäbish company! I believe the United States has a few in Minnesota. My German Mutti und Vati were impressed that I shop at Aldi.

If you have questions or inquiries about my trip thus far, please feel free to comment on my blog!

Danke schön! Bis dann!

Herr Warnecke

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