Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 1 of Classes Completed

Wow!! What a week!!! 
What a blessing to be here in Germany! It has been tough this past week for me to be away from my family and loved ones, but it helped to be productive and busy this week. 
Every day was an opportunity to learn something new about myself, about German, about the German people, and about different cultures. 
It's crazy to learn German at the Goethe Institut because there are students that come from all over the world. This past week I didn't just learn about the German cultures, but I learned about students that come from countries such as the following: Japan, Spain, Ukraine, Romania, Mexico, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Switzerland! I am so thankful that God sent me to Dresden to learn from my teachers but also my peers. 

This week we finished the 6th chapter on Careers and Jobs. I also had the opportunity to cook German food and go on a free tour of Dresden's Altstadt [oldest part of the city]. The majority of the buildings in the Altstadt are as they were in the 17th and 18th century. The citizens of Dresden continually insist on keeping it looking as it was. They are very proud of their traditions and of a prince named August der Stärke [August the Strong]. 

I participated in a BBQ with my family and some of their friends! It was really delicious! 
It wasn't anything strange--it was really good steak and a handful of salad assortments. 
Chocolate of course of the dessert!! yumyum!!! 

I traveled with my school group to Meißen! It is one of the oldest cities in Sachsen and it is known for their wine and porcelain. We participated in a tour of the Porcelain interesting! I think it was one of the most interesting museum tours I have taken before in my schooling. If you are looking for a really quaint location to retire--Meißen is your place! What would make the day more delightful than bratwurst for lunch and ice cream for dessert! yum yum!! 

This weekend was Heiliges Pfingstfest! Pentecost!!! I had the opportunity to sing tenor for the church choir twice this week!! They really appreciate me singing with them and I'm starting to make good connections with the members of the church. This is a huge blessing for me being a guest here in Dresden! 

Well I'm looking forward to my second week of classes!! My prayers go out to my family, the one I love, and my friends in the USA! Keep being yourselves! I love you all! I will see you when I return and keep your eyes out for my next entry! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to email me! :)

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