Sunday, June 22, 2014

Week Three of Classes: Goethe Institut Dresden

Monday was a busy day at school and after school, the business did not stop. I met up with a woman , , from the congregation that I attend in Dresden, at the Semperoper--the main opera house in Dresden and the most famous. Betina--the woman from the congregation works at the Semperoper and gave me a free tour of the opera house. It was the first time that I have had a real tour of an opera--especially a opera house in Europe. The architecture of the opera house was stunning and it was crazy to think that I was following the steps of others for hundreds of years before me. The coolest part of the tour for me was when we finally sat inside the opera house itself--the seats where people view the stage. I sat in the seat where the Prince of Dresden would normally sit! It was awesome! I couldn't believe it--I sat in the seat of royalty! It was an amazing privilege for me! After the tour, I had coffee with Betina and her colleague at the Opera house. We discussed what I was doing in Dresden and how my studies are going. Betina's colleague is also a German teacher so she was more than happy to learn that I wish to teach German when I return to the United States. Do you think I was done learning for the day? Far from it! Betina took me on a tour of the Altstadt which included the following: der Zwinger, die Fraunenkirche, der Schloss, die Hofkirche, and few other stops along the way. It was great to receive a tour from a woman who was born in Dresden and has lived in Dresden her whole life! She was very proud of the history of Dresden and loved that I wanted to learn about her home. I made it home just in time to see Germany win!

Tuesday= Phonetics day!!! After class, I attended an extra Phonetics class! We spent the time practicing and learning new.... TONGUE TWISTERS[ZUNGENBRECHER].

Wednesday was choir rehearsal and Friday was a Jugendkreis [youth/teen bible study] on the Elbe River!! We ate pizza afterwards and went on a bike ride around Dresden! It is wonderful to be part of their youth program at the church! I've made new friends and they are super friendly to everyone.

Saturday was an exciting adventure for me! :) Operation: LEIPZIG!!! I traveled in the morning to Leipzig with a group from the Goethe Institut to tour the main highlights of the city and have some free time to explore ourselves. The day started out by viewing the Nicolai Kirche [Nicolai=Sankt Nicolai= our Christmas "Santa Claus"]. It was cool because a chamber orchestra was playing J.S. Bach when we walked into the church. It is a really historical and stunning church to witness! After we visited the Nicolai Kirche, we were able to have a panoramic view of Leipzig from the Panorama Center. Leipzig is so beautiful from up above!! There is an oncoming rivalry between Leipzig and Dresden as to which city is REALLY bigger... Leipzigers say that Leipzig is bigger... Dresdeners says that Dresden is bigger... yeah you can tell how that discussion goes every time. Fun Fact: It was the last day of BACH FEST in Leipzig when I was there. Therefore, when I visited the Thomaskirche, I was also able to stay for their final concert in their concert series at the church. The list of pieces performed were the following: Ave Maria LW E14 for organ, Adagio in D for organ,  Excelsior for organ, O virgo prudentissima by Josquin des Prez, Magnificat by Arvo Pärt, Ut Phoebi radius by Josquin des Prez, Bedenke by Rainer Lischka, Es ist das Heil uns kommen her, BWV 638, and finally Sei Lob und Herr dem hösten Gut BWV 117. The concert featured the following instrumentalists: Kammerchor Josquin des Prez and the Leipziger Barokorchester [Leipzig Baroque Orchestra]. Fun music lover quiz question: The alto part of the Sei Lob und Herr dem hösten Gut was performed by a man. Do you know the term for that refers to a male singer who sings the alto arias?

Well, that has been my adventures in Dresden thus far! I pray for my family, my beloved, and my friends back in the States! I have learned so much already here and I pray that I continue to learn more. I can't wait to return home and see all of my loved ones again! Until we meet again, take care!

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  1. Thanks for the weekly posts, Phil. Dad and I are enjoying them. Keep them up! Have a great week.