Monday, June 2, 2014

1. Juni


Church was this morning! It was a great opportunity to attend  church service with the family.
What church did I attend? I have the answer:
Selbstäandige Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche 
Dreieinigkeitsgemeinde in der St. Petri-Kirche

There were about 40 members there approximately. Following along with the service was a little difficult at first, but I learned quickly. The family said that when it comes to the sermon (Predigt), many pastors will speak freely without having their sermons written down in front of them, but the pastor of their church writes the whole sermon out and reads it aloud. It was well composed-I saved a copy of it! Music is important in church services here in Germany. There is not a service that I have attended thus far that did not have the organ playing, instruments playing during the hymns, and the choir singing at least one verse of almost every hymn. During the announcements, there was a surprise! The pastor introduced me to the entire congregation that morning which was a great honor.

Today was Kindertag! Children´s Day! The children of my German family wanted to eat Chinese food. After we returned home from church, Herr Salzmann and I rode our bikes to the restaurant while the rest of the family drove in their van. It was my choice--I needed some exercise!

Once we returned home, it was simply a day of relaxation! Everyone rested--good thing to do on the Sabbath. The evening was quiet as I prepared for my first day at the Goethe Institut.

My prayers are with you at home! I pray that all is good! I look forward to returning home after journey here! Thank you for your encourgement! I ask for yours prayers on my first week of classes!

Danke schön! Bis bald!

Herr Warnecke

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